Different Types of Rummy Tournaments to Enjoy on Khelplay Rummy

Some people enjoy online gaming only when there is some competition involved. If you are one of those competitive rummy fans, Khelplay Rummy has just the right thing for you. Khelplay Rummy app hosts a number of rummy tournaments. These rummy tournaments are exciting and fun. They differ in rules, rewards and styles. However, they are the best way to compete in rummy online. If you are already excited about all the fun, just install the Khelplay Rummy app on your smartphone device. Then you can have enjoying rummy tournaments each season. Here we give you a glimpse of the different types of rummy tournaments available on Khelplay Rummy. Read along and check them out:

Fortune Tournament

Just as the name suggests, the fortune tournament opens up a fortune for people who have newly registered on the Khelplay Rummy app. The Fortune Tournament allows all newly registered players to participate for 30 days from the day of registration. The tournament happens once at 12:35pm and next at 5:05 pm. There are total 500 seats in the fortune tournament. Enrol yourself for free for this 3-level time-based tournament. The total prize amount for the tournament is Rs.1000. There is one prize for the first five ranks in this tournament. The final cash prize amount could change a bit depending on the number of participants. Try your luck as you enrol for free in this exciting rummy tournament.

Entry Tournament

The Entry Tournament is a special tournament organised by Khelplay Rummy app. It helps the players who have not yet made their first deposit could experience some excitement. If you have not yet made your first cash deposit, you can enjoy cash gaming on this tournament for free. The entry tournament is scheduled twice in a day, once at 2:05 PM and once at 6:35 PM. There are total 300 seats in an entry tournament. The total prize money for the entry tournament is Rs.500. The registrations work on first come first serve basis and stay open upto five minutes before the scheduled time of the tournament. There are total 60 winners and the first five ranking players get a prize each. The prize money may vary based on the number of participants. The prize money will be transferred to the player’s account and can be used for cash gaming by the player.

Cash Tournament

A number of cash tournaments take place on Khelplay Rummy app. It is the perfect place for you to make the best of your rummy gaming skills. The small join-in fee of the cash tournaments makes it extremely attractive. Here are the different types of Cash Tournaments awaiting you on Khelplay Rummy:

Cash 10:The Cash 10 tournament takes place each hour.  The entry fee for this cash tournament is just Rs. 10. The total prize money for this tournament is Rs. 432. The total number of players who can register for this tournament is 48. There will be total 4 winners in this tournament.

Cash 25: The Cash 25 tournament takes place once in every two hours. The entry fee for this tournament is Rs. 25 and 24 players can register for this tournament. The total cash prize for the tournament is Rs. 3,780 and there will be 4 winners.

Cash 50: The Cash 50 tournament also takes place once in every two hours. Total 36 players can participate in this exciting tournament and the total prize is Rs. 1,620. There will be 4 winners even in this cash tournament.

Re. 1 Entry Tournament

If you are already a part of the Khelplay Rummy enthusiasts, this is one tournament you cannot afford to miss. Everyone who has made a deposit on Khelplay Rummy app can be a part of the Re. 1 entry tournament. The daily prize amount is Rs.1000. There can be total 500 participants and there will be 100 winners in this tournament. There could be a variation in the total prize amount based on the number of participants in the tournament. It is a 2-level tournament and only players with verified e-mail ID and phone number can participate. The cash winnings cannot be withdrawn but can be used for other cash games on Khelplay Rummy app.

Daily Freeroll Entry Tournament

Another exciting tournament you can enjoy on your favourite rummy gaming app is the daily freeroll entry tournament. The tournament is held everyday at 3:35 pm. A maximum of 1000 players can be a part of this tournament. The total prize amount for the tournament is Rs. 10,000/-. There are going to be a maximum of 300 winners in this tournament. The buy-in is free for all depositors on Khelplay Rummy. The tournament rules allow re-buy in the first two levels. This is a three-level time-based tournament. The final cash prize might vary slightly depending on the total number of participants.

Rummy Thailava Tournament

Winning daily cash always sounds exciting. If it is all free of cost, even better. This is exactly what the Rummy Thalaiva tournament offers to players on the Khelplay Rummy app. The tournament takes place at 8:35pm daily. The free entry tournament is open to all free players. It is a two-level rummy tournament and buy-in is allowed in the first level. Total 300 players can participate and there is guaranteed cash prize. The prize for player holding the first position is Rs. 750, second position is Rs. 500 and third position is Rs. 300. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and participate in this exciting online rummy tournament for free. The tournament is open to all newly registered participants for 14 days from the time of registration. Make the best of this time and earn some quick bucks through excellent online rummy gaming skills.

Things to Know Before Participating in Rummy Tournaments on Khelplay Rummy

You maybe an excellent rummy player. This may cause you to rush into an online rummy tournament on Khelplay Rummy app. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before you do that:

  • Always read the rules of tournament carefully before participating in the tournament. Click on the terms and conditions to read the fine print as well before you participate.
  • Make sure you have a strong and uninterrupted internet connection before you start cash gaming. If the internet connection stops, your game will stop too. This will prevent you from winning the rummy tournament even if you are the best player.
  • Regulate the number of hours you spend on the Khelplay Rummy app. It is important that you use the app only to pass your time and don’t make it a habit.

Now that you are all set, go ahead and experience some online cash gaming on Khelplay Rummy app. Participate in tournaments and make the best of your rummy gaming skills.