Effective Ways To Increase and Track Twitter Engagement Rate

Twitter is a hub for marketing products and services. The competition on the platform is cutthroat and engaging the audience is a tough task. Just like other social media platforms, even Twitter is bombarded with content every second. Right from news, entertainment to influential posts, the platform is filled with all kinds of tweets that are craving the user’s attention.  Marketing on Twitter requires you to focus on Twitter analytics. The Twitter metrics will help you gauge the performance of your tweets and campaigns systematically.

Brands need to focus on Twitter engagement rate because this metric decides how well people are engaging with your content on the platform. The Twitter engagement rate tells you whether your audience is in sync with your content style. In the case of Twitter campaigns, the ER tells you whether you are attracting the right audience.

Brands and businesses must make sure they are always on the road to improving their engagement rate no matter what. Simply publishing tweets with hashtags no longer works with the audience because of the limited attention span they have.

Twitter marketing strategies have to be crisp and engaging to increase the engagement rate. In this blog, we will help you improve and measure your brand’s Twitter engagement rate.

What is Twitter Engagement Rate?

Twitter engagement rate is a metric that tells you how many users consumed your content and engaged with it. Any kind of response or interaction with the tweet can be counted as engagement. This includes retweets, favourites, clicks on links in the tweets, replies, and any other communication that depicts your response towards the tweet content.

Why Does Twitter Engagement Rate Matter?

For every social media platform, ER plays a very crucial role. The engagement rate says a lot about the effectiveness of your content strategy. Having a high engagement rate on your tweets simply means the audience is interacting with your content in some way. The ER also tells you if people are interested in your content. The engagement rate matters a lot in influencer campaigns because only when your users engage with the influencer’s content will you get the desired results.

This metric is hard to achieve but necessary!

How to Increase Twitter Engagement Rate?

For every social media campaign, getting a high engagement rate is one of the crucial objectives. Here are a few tips you can follow to increase/improve your Twitter engagement rate.

  • Be prompt with responses on Twitter

Brands and businesses receive all kinds of tweets on their Twitter profile. Be it compliments or criticism, marketers need to be responsive on the platform. Make sure you are not acting passive on Twitter because that can have an impact on your brand image. Responding to tweets can improve your engagement rate on Twitter.

  • Know when your audience is the most active on the platform

Social media analytics tools like Unbox Social give you accurate data on when most of your audience is active on the platform. Make sure you time your tweets well as per the audience activity on the platform. This will help you reach a wider audience base and will also increase the chances of engagement.

  • Don’t stick to one single content format

Audiences have a short attention span on social media. It takes seconds for the users to scroll through the feed and this is where the challenge arises. Make sure your content is engaging enough for them to pause and interact with it. The best way to do this is to try different content formats. Create video-oriented tweets, add links to your tweets, make use of images, and so on.

  • Add value, don’t blindly promote

Often brand marketers create tweets that simply promote their brands and products. This must be avoided! The tweets you post must give some value to the user. Create tweets that convey some information or entertain the user in some way. Be subtle with your promotions. This will also help you build a genuine relationship with your audience.

  • Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are quite important on Twitter. Marketers often include commonly used hashtags in their tweets. This can surely get you the attention of a broader audience base but might not get you the focus of your target audience. Brands and businesses must create hashtags that are relevant to their products and services and intentions. Nowadays, brands also create unique hashtags to set themselves apart from the other hashtags used. This not only gives them an identity on the platform but also helps them connect to the audience that matters.

  • Create campaigns that encourage the users to participate

Users on social media platforms no longer want to be passive consumers of content. Brands and businesses must try to frame campaigns that encourage users to participate. Make them use your hashtags, upload content and so on. This will help you gauge the audience interest too.

  • Be consistent with your tweets but don’t overdo it

Posting multiple tweets a day will not help you get the desired engagement rate on Twitter. Plan your tweets mindfully so as to not bombard the users with unnecessary content. This can have a negative impact on the users. Schedule your tweets smartly and be clear on what you wish to convey with your tweets.

  • Post content that is worth retweeting 

Retweets can help a lot when it comes to engagement rate. Content that gets retweeted can reach a wider audience which increases the ER. This helps you get exposed to a newer audience base too.

Hope these tips help you improve your Twitter engagement rate. Implementing these tips for improving Twitter engagement rate is not enough, it is also necessary to track this metric regularly. Social media analytics tools like Unbox Social can help you track this metric. Let’s find out more about it.

Unbox Social– Metrics That Will Help You Improve and Measure Twitter ER

 1. Favourites received on the tweets

Twitter metrics by Unbox Social

It is important to know how many times your tweets were favourited over a period of time. The Unbox Social tool gives you data for the same. This data helps you gauge the effectiveness of your Twitter content strategy which can indirectly impact your engagement rate on Twitter.

 2. Retweets received 

Twitter insights by Unbox Social tool

Like we mentioned before, retweets also account for engagement. The tool shows you how many retweets you have received for a particular time range. The retweets as per the time range will tell you which of your tweets have clicked with the audience.

 3. Engagement rate by followers

Twitter analytics by Unbox Social

Engagement rate by followers tells you the total percentage of followers interacting with your tweets. This data can help you detect whether your tweets are in sync with the audience interest.

 4. Mode of interaction

Mode of interaction by Unbox Social

The Unbox Social tool is designed to give you a total account of your Twitter presence. The mode of interaction data tells you how the audience has interacted with your content on the platform (video, image, text, link, GIF).

 5. Top hashtags

Top hashtags

The tool gives you a list of top hashtags that have worked for your brand/business on Twitter. This will help you check which hashtags received the highest interactions.