Replacing a Yacht’s Hot Water Heater

If you’ve been a yacht manufacturer for quite some time, then you know the importance of using quality parts to produce high-quality yachts. For the best possible customer experience, you need the best possible parts. A quality hot water heater that can work in very harsh and humid environments is no different. It’s important to know what to look for in a marine hot water heater and attwood replacement parts. First and foremost, the manufacturing company you choose should adhere to USCG guidelines.

Powering Your Yacht’s Hot Water Heater

Marine hot water heater models usually use one of two methods: electricity or propane gas.

  • Electric: By use of electricity through shore power, an electric-powered boat water heater utilizes immersion heaters. Immersion heaters are located at the lowest part of the tank where the water temperature is the coldest. It is at this same location that the unit can utilize the maximum output from the heating element.
  • Propane gas: Propane marine water heaters don’t rely on electricity to run. They instead depend on your yacht engine’s performance. They are very reliable and you can mount them anywhere inside the yacht.

Most electric or propane gas marine water heaters can operate using a heat exchanger, which is the heat from the in-use engine. The heat exchanger transfers the heat generated from the engine’s closed cooling system to the water inside the water heater’s tank.

Finding Your Marine Water Heater Replacement Model

For your current water heater, check the model number on it to determine what new water heater model is compatible with your current water heater model. You should also check the dimensions of the replacement models. This step is important for choosing the right water heater for your yacht as some may have sizes that are different from their predecessor’s.

Whether you need to replace a marine water heater or other part on a yacht, be sure to check that it’s high-quality and durable. Your customers will thank you for it.