Get the Most Out of Your Landscaping Equipment

If you are an experienced user of lawn or landscaping equipment, you probably know how expensive and unwieldy they can be. It saves you time, energy, money and space when you transition all of your items into multi-purpose tools. The key to any useful lawn apparatus is a good motor and the right attachment for it.


A tractor gives you a high-powered mobile motor with which to work. Especially for large properties, the uses for a tractor are almost endless. It can mow, push, pull, tow and plow. If something is too heavy for you, a tractor can probably handle it. All you need are the correct attachments. This is made much easier by a universal quick attach adapter. That way, you can switch between the hay spear and snow plow with ease.


The basis for a blower is a motor that is handheld and portable. This can be invaluable for smaller projects or tricky spaces. If you find a blower that doubles as a multi-use tool, it can also become a hedger and string trimmer, among other power tool applications. These are usually called power tool platforms and work very well in the hands of professional landscapers who visit a lot of different yards in a short time.


A bit longer than a blower, a cultivator base usually is tall enough to reach the ground while you stand. Although a bit heavier, this motor is also portable and manual. This type of tool will be best for gardening applications, and the usual models include attachments, such as a cultivator for breaking up hard soil and weeds, dethatcher, lawn aerator, trimmer and hedger.

Your storage shed will look organized and spacious once you get rid of all your extra lawn equipment and replace it with a few flexible super-tools. They will pay for themselves in no time, so invest wisely. This type of consolidation will also save you on maintenance, oil and gas costs.