Nutrition brand OZiva comes out with a green tea


Active nutrition brand OZiva has come out with Matcha Plus, a green tea packed with a healthy blend of organic Japanese matcha, licorice, activated charcoal and ginger root designed to improve skin health by controlling skin pigmentation and dark circles.

Matcha due to its innumerable health benefits has fast become one of the most widely adopted ingredients used in a variety of forms and concoctions such as regular tea, cold matcha beverages, food, and in cosmetics and personal care industry.

The product is aimed specifically at OZiva’s primary target audience -the urban Indian woman who yearns to live a healthy, active and meaningful life. The company seeks to reach its intended consumers that are spread across more than 2000 cities and towns in India.

The Matcha tea blend priced at Rs 699.

Speaking on the launch of Matcha Plus, the spokesperson for OZiva commented that, “Being India’s leading clean label active nutrition brand, we are forever striving to raise our consumer value proposition by adding new and innovative products. While we enjoy a strong leadership in the womens’ fitness category, we are currently building a strong presence in the skin and hair Nutrition (Nutricosmetics) category.”