Moving Tips and Tricks

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Anyone looking to move may feel overwhelmed with the thought of what needs to be done. Each move brings its own hardships, but sometimes moving locally can be easier than moving out of state or cross-country! No matter which type of move you’re making, here are some things to help the process go as smoothly as possible.


Boxes may seem like the obvious item to place in the supplies category; however, be aware of the type of boxes you buy. Size and sturdiness should be considered before packing your items. Larger boxes can be harder to carry, while thin ones may crush easily. Purchasing protective wrapping such as bubble wrap, packing paper, foam peanuts, and blankets will help ensure fragile items reach their destination safely.


Some prefer to pack and move all on their own. Others may hire long-distance movers to do the work for them. This decision may be made while considering factors such as the age, health, willingness, and financial situation of the mover. While having others complete the labor may be more enjoyable, be mindful of what is happening with your items. Working with a reputable moving company can alleviate any worries you may have.


No matter the distance being traveled, pack one room at a time and be sure to clearly label each box you pack. This can help in so many ways! From properly stacking the boxes to knowing which ones are fragile and putting them in their correct location, markings can really make the difference in your move.


Having a place to put your things upon arrival will help ease the burden of moving. Storage units are located throughout the country, and most can be called and set up before you arrive. If moving to a new home, place labeled boxes in their coordinating rooms. For those whose new location has the space, designate a single room for all extra containers. This can assist with keeping chaos and messes to a minimum.

Moving can bring a lot of changes and new adventures, but it also can be a very scary and frightening task. Try making your move less stressful by incorporating some of these ideas.