Simple ways to practise mindful eating

mindful eating

Mindful eating is an essential part of healthy living. “As the name suggests, mindful or thoughtful eating means eating food as per quality and not quantity,” said Naman Bhurani, cofounder, Vediko.

As per Bhurani, to understand what is best for ones body, it is important to know ones body type first and then mindfully choose the right food. “Everyone’s body can be divided into three categories — vata, pitha, and kapha. So, people with pitha body type must consume sheesham honey and gulkand as these are natural coolants. Similarly, people having kapha body type must consume tulsi, honey and amla,” he suggested.

“It must, hence, also be noted that no one diet suits everyone. Your diet depends on your goal, or results that you wish to achieve. As such, even a wrong healthy diet will not do much good to the body,” he said.

What can you do?

Plan your kitchen on your own

Hunger, cravings, emotional breakdowns, or joy — everything leads you to your kitchen and that’s where you must invest properly. A well thought out pantry will be helpful when you are in a mood to eat something. But this also means a lot of replacements need to be done. For instance, swap packages of chips with homemade chips, or dry fruits, or fruits. This way, when you wish to reach out to unhealthy food, you’ll have a better option.

Our body is made in a way that every time we eat wrong, it gives us signs. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore them. “Overeating is one such sign. We always know when our tummy is full but sometimes we eat more than required. This isn’t good and a check is a must. Understand what your body needs and you’ll see immediate changes,” he said.

Eat consciously

Have you realised how much you eat while watching TV? It’s a common problem that’s often ignored. Attending to your plate and enjoying your meals is a mandate for mindful eating. When you enjoy your meal, you’ll enjoy all the flavours at different levels. Often while we’re watching something and having our meal, we ignore how much we’re eating.

“Small practices with an intention to achieve mindfulness is all we need. Let 2022 be the reason to kickstart this healthy habit,” Bhurani said.