Which drug has the Hardest detox session?

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The number of addicts has risen in the past years and it will continue to rise unless strong action is taken to counteract this rise. According to a recent survey about 21 million Americans are stuck in at least one type of drug addiction, with a large number of them being addicted to more than one. This number is a wake-up call to our society, and we should act upon this warning and try to bring this number down. Another horrifying statistic is the fact that only 1 out 10 among these 21 million addicts are currently involved in any type of rehab program. This is very low and unless these numbers are increased our nation is in grave danger. It is important to play your part.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction get help and enroll for a detox and rehab plan. Look up a clinic near you online i.e., colorado detox center and get help from professionals.

One of the drugs behind this increase in addiction is Alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most common substances that are abused nowadays. Once alcohol was banned but now alcohol is a legal and socially acceptable drink, and this is what makes it among the most abused substances. Alcohol targets a person’s mind making them act delirious. It also lowers a person’s inhibitions making them more susceptible to acts that they would not have considered doing when they were sober. Such acts can include doing other drugs, dangerous stunts or taking unwise and rash actions and decisions.

Alcohol works by inducing a sense of happiness or euphoria in the addict by releasing dopamine inside the brains. This is a very dangerous notion and is the culprit behind alcohol being one of the most addicting substances. This is because our mind releases dopamine in order to reward us wherever we complete something or do something that has meaning to us. Dopamine is responsible for the feeling of pride, completeness and success we feel whenever we accomplish something.

Now consider this would like to always feel like that, of course you would. This is the idea behind alcohol addiction. Alcohol makes a person feel like they are successful and that they have accomplished something. Some people revel in this false sense of accomplishment while others feel ashamed since they have not done anything real. This is why there are two types of common drunk people:

the jubilant one and the depressed one. Since our brain releases dopamine to make us more likely to work hard to experience the feeling the fact alcohol also causes such a release means that an addict drinks alcohol with the same passion a student might have when they try to achieve high in their school. This means that alcohol has one of the highest addiction rates in the country. In most cases the addict themselves do not know about their addiction and therefore very few actually go for rehab. Since alcohol is socially acceptable it means that most people can easily indulge their addiction without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol can have some severe withdrawal symptoms even though very few experiences them as the drug is common. The scientific name for the condition of alcohol withdrawal is delirium tremens and can last for a long time if left untreated. The symptoms include headaches, fevers, long bouts of confusion and irregular heartbeats. In some cases, the person can also sweat uncontrollably. These are all telltale signs of alcohol addiction and it means that it is time for an intervention. However professional detox is needed instead of going cold turkey as the withdrawal can be dangerous if not under professional care.

So keep an eye out for the symptoms and if you feel any or see them in someone else act to save them and you trouble and choose a rehab program.