Why are people in need of therapy?

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Therapy is a beautiful thing. It can change lives for the better. It can give people that space that they need to blossom and to understand themselves when nothing makes sense. Therapy is something that is considered as a way to talk to yourself through a medium and that medium is what a therapist provides for an individual. Therapy helps in unlocking the parts of ourselves that are repressed and uncalled for. Parts that we never truly know about. It is up to oneself to open those repressed parts in yourself and let yourself be free and let yourself know your true potential. Pneuma Counseling is one service that can do that for you.

But why do people need therapy? There are many reasons as to why people do not opt for a therapist while there are many reasons as to why people actually do. The reasons why someone who doesn’t go for therapy is because they think that they will be ridiculed or they will be called names that would hurt them. Because of those reasons they never go that extra mile and change their behavior instead they go for that mile that takes them 100 feet back, which does nothing for them, except for that fact that it only makes their situation worse.

Therefore, there are people who do choose a therapist and for good reasons, maybe one of those reasons might fit well with you and make you want to choose therapy as well. They are the following:

You feel alone and upset.

Being alone is something that many people face in their life. Sometimes people feel alone because other people are incapable of understanding them while some people feel alone because they are too shy to express their true self and are afraid that if they do express their true self, other people will judge them and put them down or they are too afraid of letting themselves be a part of a social circle where they might not be able to prove their worth. The reasons can be many but, you can feel alone for many reasons and all those reasons can be solved with the help of a therapist. Where other people cannot understand, a therapist will understand what you are thinking and on what level you are thinking.

You might be leaving things that made you feel alive and happy.

This is another reason why people choose Pneuma Therapeutic Counseling Services because they are slowly losing interest in things that made them feel alive. This interest and the losing aspect of it usually and mostly has a reason to it, it just doesn’t happen without a reason—there is always a reason and that reason is exactly what the therapist will tackle in the sessions that the therapist and the individual will sit in. Repressed emotions and situations will be analyzed that the individual has gone through to pinpoint the exact time when this emotion took place and doubled over time. Once the situation is understood and the trigger is identified, the therapist can make room for recovery afterwards.

You are taking help from drugs.

This is the end point where the therapist has to take part in and break the cycle. The reason why drugs are the last and the most dangerous reason is because drugs can bring with itself a heap of new problems that the individual will have to tackle through a new series of doctors and medical health professionals. So, why go through all that trouble where you can just sit with another person who can listen to you and come up with a solution that could save you money and time?

Going to therapy seems like the most logical thing to do, and if you are someone who is about to go through something like the above-mentioned scenarios or is actually going through them then you should get in touch with Pneuma Therapeutic Counseling Services.