Bone Up on Plant Nutrition With a New Online Class

Phosphorus Deficiency on Gaillardia plant nutrition

The University of Florida is giving greenhouse growers a chance to train themselves or their staff to make better crop management decisions by learning the basics of plant nutrition management.
Nutrient Management 1 is the second course of the 2019 Greenhouse Online Training program offered by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension. The course is intermediate level and designed for growers with some experience in production, technical, or sales roles.

Topics to be covered in the course include common nutrient problems, essential nutrients, fertilizer types, onsite pH and EC testing, and growing media. The course is offered in English and Spanish.

The course runs from July 1-26, 2019, and includes a personalized certificate of completion. Over four weeks, there will be streaming video lessons and readings and assignments (about three hours total commitment per week), which can be accessed at any time of day. Click here to register.