Image result for NUTRITION COACH EXPOSES THE BIGGEST MYTHS ‘WELLNESS GURUS’ STILL PROMOTE IN 2019Being healthy in 2019 is much like following the correct god back in the middle ages. Place your allegiance with one and be struck down by the other. And while you might not get publically lambasted for your penchant for red meat and white bread in 2019 (or, who knows, walk past the wrong cafe and you just might), there is an equivalent socio-cultural war raging with vegans on one side and low-carb carnivores on the other.

Enter: Graeme Tomlinson, an evidence-based nutrition coach (also known as The Fitness Chef) who has made a name for exposing the worst nutrition myths many people – but particularly the diet-conscious – still believe. In particular, he has set himself against the self-proclaimed ‘wellness gurus’ of the world and no-where better illustrates this than a graphic he recently posted to Instagram.

While other nutrition coaches like Max Lugavere question Graeme’s calorie-based philosophy (they claim that, though Graeme may be scientifically correct, if you focus on eating whole foods then you won’t need to count calories anyway as you’ll be too full to eat too much), Graeme still makes a good point in that, realistically, you are never going to have the perfect diet, so you may as well enjoy your imperfections and keep track of them, rather than eating whole foods and binging on Oreos (for example) willy nilly.

Graeme also, in his satirical takedown of ‘how to eat fitness industry style,’ exposes the contradictory ‘no fat, no carbs, no meat, no sugar’ demands of the various modern diets. Of course, different diets limit different substances, and people with different levels of physical activity in their daily lives will have similarly different dietary needs (see below), but the point remains: as long as you count your calories, and eat what you know to be healthy (most of the time) you can forget the rest of the zealous mumbo jumbo.

The takeaway? Risotto and glazed doughnuts, of course. Oh, and if you are interested in more detailed breakdowns of the two trending diets of this era, we have left them down below.