How to share your rummy love on Facebook?

Most rummy lovers today enjoy their favourite card game online on KhelplayRummy. A rummy gamer sure enjoys rummy in its different forms. Yet, just playing the game is not enough for most rummy players. They also wish to express their love for this amazing card game online. That is why players of Indian rummy online games also express their love for the game on Facebook in the following ways:

Share Fun Facts About Rummy

All good rummy players enjoy reading about rummy games. They enjoy to know the history and the origin of the game. They also like to read about how the game transformed into the present variations as it passed from one location to another. Share all such fun facts regarding rummy on your Facebook page. Friends who play online real money earning games will love all the fun facts you share. They may even share this information on their own page.

Share Links for Best Rummy Playing Apps Like KhelplayRummy

Most good rummy players offline are also seeking good avenues to play the favourite card game online. You can share with them the links of sites like KhelplayRummy where you can play rummy online free without cash. You may get some extra loyalty points just for sharing the link. Your friends will be impressed by your superior knowledge of rummy gaming apps and websites.

Share Quizzes for Rummy Players

There are many rummy players out there who think their knowledge regarding rummy is the best. You can simply challenge their knowledge of rummy and get them hooked to the Facebook screens. You can launch a Facebook rummy quiz. You may even reward the winner some gaming points. Invite them to apps where you can play rummy online for real cash and the winners should be happy.

Share Rummy Related Tutorials

While there are some who have expertise in rummy games, there are others who wish to understand how to earn money by playing games online. So, you can share video tutorials on how to play rummy online on different apps and websites. Video tutorials are a great way to reach a wider audience group. The video tutorials are the best way to make people understand different online gaming procedures related to rummy.

Share Information Related to Online Rummy Tournaments

Good rummy players look forward to occasions where they can flaunt their rummy skills. Rummy tournaments are one such example. You can share information regarding rummy tournaments to players who look forward to online rummy free game to win real money. This is the ideal place to try out their expertise in online rummy gaming.

Share Information Regarding Rummy Events in the Vicinity

Since all rummy players enjoy an occasion to play rummy with others, you may also share information regarding rummy events in the vicinity. Location based events always draw a lot of attention.

Call Out for A Rummy Watch Party on Facebook

Facebook has started this system of watch party that is drawing much attention these days. You can start a watch party on Facebook where you share a live rummy event video online on Facebook for your friends to see. In the end of the watch party, you may also call out to friends who were a part to play rummy online free without cash on KhelplayRummy gaming app.

Share Links to Shops for Designer Rummy Cards Online

If you have rummy players with some artistic sense in your circles, share links to shops for designer playing cards. They will enjoy surfing through the vast collection of playing cards online. They may also select some exquisite playing cards deck for their friends or loved ones.

Share Links to Card Player Décor and Accessories Online

Last but not the least, you can share information regarding playing cards décor and accessories on your Facebook Page for rummy lovers. They will surely admire the unique yet attractive home décor items. You can also share information regarding discounts and sale.

Facebook has always remained the most popular platform to socialise with others with similar tastes. It is time you make the best of this platform by sharing rummy related information to friends and people in rummy related circles.