Signs your Loved one is Dealing with Addiction

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The scourge of Drug addiction is rising exponentially and the effects of this are being felt in all neighborhoods. The damage drug addiction of any kind of drug does to a person is widely known at this point however the pain felt by those around the person something no one else can sympathize with. Not only they have to see their loved one diminish into a husk of a person who is utterly dependent on a drug. The addicted person only sees the others around as people who can potentially fund their addiction or as a hurdle stopping them from satisfying their addiction. Seeing themselves reduced either hurdles or facilitators can be a jarring experience and can force them to shun the addict. This is very dangerous as instead of helping an addicted person people ignore them which leads to the addict becoming more and more engulfed in their addiction.

If an addict is provided help in earlier stages of their addiction, they can make a full recovery and become functioning members of society once again. Therefore, the role of the loved one whether they be family or close friends is very important if the addict is going to make a recovery or not. With the ramping number of drug addicts, it has become very important that we can pick up on the sign of addiction in a loved one so that they promptly receive the aid they deserve.

Los Angeles, one of the largest cities in the world has a drug problem that is getting out of control. Law firms are often bogged in divorce or child custody cases most of which have a parent or parents who are drug addicts. Clinics that provide drug rehab in Los Angeles are some of the best in the world however the fact that so many couples are having divorce hearings is that they could not identify the addiction before it began harming their relationships or in some extreme cases where the addict got violent in the absence of drugs.

People often turn to drugs in times of stress and tension as they believe drugs to be of great help in managing their day-to-day affairs. Therefore, by being with your loved one in the time of stress not only helps strengthen your relationship but also gives you chance to observe for any onset of addiction.

Addiction even in its mildest form can significantly alter a person’s personality, therefore a loved one can easily decide if they need to intervene to stop addiction from growing. The key sign that can tip you off on whether a person is becoming a drug addict is unexplained changes in behavior. These can include things like a sudden shift in mood, lack of motivation and increased irritability, and agitation. Picking up on these subtle changes can clue you to whether a person is an addict or not. Other subtle things that should raise alarms are things like changes in friends as well as changes in how the person goes about his daily activities. No concern about personal hygiene can also be a red flag.

Some signs are very apparent, but they show themselves only when the addiction is starting to disrupt the daily function of the person, if you find one of these action needs to be taken promptly. These signs include things like physical indicators like tremors, speech difficulties, bloodshot eyes, and other abnormal bleedings, etc. These signs show that immediate intervention is required to help the addict. Having several close friends and family members all support the addict and convince them to go for rehab is the best possible way to redeem them. Continued support throughout the rehab process and then preventing any relapse soon after release will ensure that you save your loved one from a terrible fate.