The need for quality nutrition in India

The need for quality nutrition in India‘Fit India’ isn’t just the dream project initiated by our government, but an awakening call for the entire nation. While the need for a healthy lifestyle and quality nutrition is the focus today, there are many hurdles and challenges that India as a country faces. People belong to different schools of thought when it comes to nutrition as per their experiences. Everyone today is an expert in his or her own right with so much information being available freely but without validation. However, what people need to understand as far as nutrition is concerned is that what works for someone does not necessarily work for another. Most people do not have adequate knowledge about nutrition and when they are not well informed or educated enough on this topic. We must realise at some point that nutrition is a science which requires professional intervention.

The conversations around nutrition is constantly growing and evolving. When we look at global trends, people have realized that nutrition is more than just protein-oriented and there is a wholesome approach that needs to be followed. Along with a protein intake, vitamins and minerals are also necessary for the healthy functioning of the mind and body. There is also a growing awareness on the right composition of a healthy diet with various trends hitting the nutrition market further impacting demand and supply. Keto and vegan diets have specific requirements linking back to the growing demand for healthy fat oriented produce. The king of fruits which was mangoes for many has been replaced by the humble avocado. People are interested in the science behind the food the consume. Nutrition apps are another way people are tracking and changing their dietary choices on a daily basis. The current global markets trends when it comes to nutrition constitute of mainly two key markets, the professional sports industry and the active lifestyle segment.

Sports Nutrition has taken center stage in being as important as training for any professional athlete. For different sports however, the nutrition requirement completely changes. Athletes chooses dietary supplements to assist in improving their athletic performance and to recover energy, proteins, and electrolytes supplements.
For a sport that involves endurance and movement like football or a marathon, it is rigorous and precious minerals and electrolytes are lost, thereby affecting performance, which tends to dip. The need to replenish is crucial as this delays fatigue.

In a corporate set-up, working professionals lead a very hectic life, working late hours, often rushing to work, forcing them sometimes to miss their meals. People are trying to live a balanced lifestyle with active living. The need for supplementation to get the required daily intake of vitamins and minerals is what will help them. This supports a busy lifestyle and keeps one energized and raring to go to get the maximum from their day.

We are moving towards a fitter and active world, with a more aware population that wants to maximize the 24 hours of their day and focus on quality nutrition. To live a good, balanced and active lifestyle we need to work towards being more aware of our bodies and the nutritional value we need in order to do so.

Varun Khanna is the Co- Founder at Fast&Up