Bite Down on Dental Trends

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Think dentistry is scary or even boring? Modern business practices are changing wildly from month to month and even day to day, and the medical industry is no exception. As a specialty within that sector, dentists are changing the way they treat patients as well. Some new dental trends are quite tasty.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Robo-dentists may be coming to a practice near you. Robots are able to successfully perform simpler, noninvasive treatments such as cleaning teeth, inserting caps, filling cavities, and pulling teeth. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way dental practices provide services to patients. Robo-dentists do not presently carry out more invasive procedures or complicated surgeries, but those days may be coming. Dentists, these terminators of teeth problems, are moving into the future.


Lasers are changing the dental industry and have many uses.

  • Cleaning gums during root canals
  • Taking out tooth decay
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth preparation for fillings
  • Gum treatment

While dentists use many complicated tools during treatment, some of which require high speed handpiece repair, benefits of modern oral treatments, including lasers, are straightforward. Healing may be faster with smaller or no incisions and less chance of infection, and patients lose less blood during dental surgeries.

Natural Dentistry

Dentists, along with consumers, are favoring natural alternatives for oral procedures. In a holistic dentist’s office, mercury fillings are gone, as they do not want to be around mercury fumes anymore than do their patients. You will not get fluoride treatments, crowns, or artificial tooth sealants from a natural dentist. Holistic dentists also rarely take X-rays. For those who dislike going to the dentist, more good news here is that holistic dentists seldom perform root canals, instead treating inflamed teeth with homeopathy, herbs, nutrition, and careful cleaning around the tooth.

Dentists are rolling with the changes and adapting their practices based upon available technologies and the increased well-being of their patients. New ways of performing procedures, use of robotics and AI, and efficacious natural treatments are taking dental care to the next level. These tasty dental trends are something you can sink your teeth into.