What To Know Before You Participate in Rummy Tournaments?

All rummy players get excited at the thought of rummy tournaments online. These tournaments help to challenge their rummy gaming skills. It helps them compete with opponents who possess superior skills related to rummy gaming. If you too are excited about the prospect of being a part of the rummy tournament, here are some things you must know first.

The Legality of the Rummy Platform

There are several websites and apps that launch rummy tournaments online. It is important to check the legality of these apps before using them to participate in rummy tournaments. An app that is legal will share this fact online. A legal rummy platform such as Khelplay Rummy will also deduct TDS from your rummy earnings online. Rummy is a skills game and you are paying a TDS for the sum you earn through rummy gaming.

The Rummy Terminology

It is important to understand the rummy terminology used in the rummy tournaments before you can participate in them. Otherwise, you may lose the tourney because you don’t understand the terminology used. Here we have shared the basic rummy terminology used in Khelplay Rummy for your reference:

Sequence: The arrangement of cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values is referred to as a sequence. If a sequence is completed without the use of a single joker, it is referred to as a pure (natural) sequence. If the sequence makes use of jokers for completion, it is referred to as artificial (real) sequence.

Meld: The arrangement of cards of different signs but same value together form a meld. One or more jokers maybe used to complete melds.

Life: The life is the minimum arrangement of cards in rummy upto which a player’s hand is regarded as a full hand.

Full Hand: A player’s full points are calculated till his life is complete. This is referred to as a full hand in rummy card games.

First Drop and Second Drop: When a player quits a game of rummy before playing his first move, it is referred to as first drop. Any time after the first drop, if the player quits the game, it is referred to as second drop. Minimal points are charged for first drop. The points charged for second drop are double the points charged for first drop.

False Call: When a player calls it rummy before completion of his hand, it is referred to as a false call. Penalty is charged for the player when he makes a false call.

Joker: The joker cards existing in the deck are used as jokers in rummy games. These can be used in place of any other card to complete a meld or an artificial sequence. Apart from the existing jokers in the deck, some pulled-out jokers are also chosen by the player next to the dealer. These jokers also play the same role as pulled-out jokers.

The Rules of the Rummy Tournament

Before you participate in any rummy tournament, you must be aware of the rules of the rummy tournament. There are different rules regarding the point calculation, buy-in, registration and cash withdrawal from the gains. Take time to understand these rules for the tournaments you register in.

The Type of Rummy Tournament

There are many different types of rummy tournaments being hosted on Khelplay Rummy app. These rummy tournaments vary based on the number of levels, the buy-in amount, the prize money and the withdrawal rules. Get an understanding of the type of tournament you are participating in before you join.

If you know all these aspects, you can be a part of the exciting rummy tournaments without any hesitation.