How To Be a Responsible Horse Owner

Buying a horse is a big responsibility. Your new companion may quickly become your best friend but horses require a lot of care and maintenance so you need to be prepared before you bring your new pet home. Here are three things you should do before looking for a horse to buy.

Prepare Your Property

Horses need approximately two acres of open land for grazing so you need to make sure you have adequate space and it is properly prepared to house your new pet. Grazing land should be fenced in with a high wooden or metal fence. You also need some sort of shelter for your horse during bad weather so you should have a barn or lean-to built on the property.

Do Plenty of Research

Because horses need a lot of care, you need to do lots of research on your chosen breed before bringing your pet home. Some horses are more active and mischievous than others. Many need daily workouts while some older animals should only be pasture companions. Know which type of horse is most compatible for you before shopping for one.

Plan for Expenses

Caring for horses properly requires a lot of money. In addition to feed and tack, you’ll probably have significant vet expenses to ensure your mount stays healthy. Vet bills can be astronomical if your horse gets sick or hurt so you may want to invest in horse medical insurance so you know you can afford to take care of your pet properly if something happens.

Horses require more care than many other types of pets but they can be loyal companions. If you are interested in buying a horse, make sure you perform these three steps before finding an animal to purchase. Doing so can help you become a responsible horse owner.