Possible Causes Of Cancer And Prevention Tips: Health Expert Luke Coutinho

Possible Causes Of Cancer And Prevention Tips: Health Expert Luke Coutinho

Cancer has now become an epidemic. Every now and then we hear the news of someone being diagnosed with this deadly disease. But have we ever thought about the exact causes of cancer. Some people blame contamination of food, pesticides in the food, environmental factors, the quality of water and even air pollution as some of the primary reasons for cancer. It is true that food and nutrition play an integral role in our lives but there are several other factors that can lead to cancer. Lifestyle Coach Luke Coutinho, in his recent Facebook video, talks about some common causes of cancer. He addresses the problem of cancer emphasizing that while certain types of cancers cannot be explained we need to change our outlook towards the real possible causes. No one is looking at prevention – we need to start looking at way we can take some action against it.

There are several other factors that can lead to cancer.
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Luke Coutinho continues to shed light on some common day to day problems which can have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, one should not ignore them and effective measures should be taken to avoid them.

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Let us have a look at some possible causes of cancer:

1. Constipation

Constipation is a huge problem not only for people in India but also in the Western world. If you are constipated, you need to treat it immediately. In order to get rid of constipation you need to make significant changes in your diet. You should eat lots of fiber and whole grains. Also exercising regularly could help you deal with constipation.

2. Acidity

Acidity is also a commonality which is seen in people diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, if you feel acidic you must try to control it. The main cause of acidity is heavy meals just before bedtime, long gaps between the meals, spicy meals or excessive intake of junk and processed food. Some home remedies to deal with acidity could be limiting the intake of alcohol, foods that trigger acidity and eating light meals. Also, you should maintain a regular eating time to avoid acidity.

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3. Sleep

Sleep cycles have really changed. This is due to long working hours, night shifts or excessive screen time. But did you know there is a direct connection between sleep deprivation and inflammatory disease. Adequate sleep helps protect, heals and rejuvenate your body. Also, medicines work better when you have the right amount of sleep and good gut health. So, it is very important for you to take adequate sleep for about six to eight hours.

4. Sedentary lifestyle

The primary cause of many diseases is an inactive lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle could lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and many other chronic diseases. Regular physical exercise is very important for a healthy life. You need to be active throughout the day. Apart from workouts, try incorporate some movement in between your work as well. For instance, walk while talking on the phone, use the stairs instead of elevators and stretch yourself after one hour.

5. Emotional health

Emotional health is also very important for a healthy lifestyle. Emotionally healthy people are able to deal with stress, sadness, anxiety and anger well. Meditation, yoga and some breathing exercises can have a positive impact on your mind. It can also help ward off all the negative feelings.