5 Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves the Range

Don’t get overwhelmed when you find yourself shopping for a gift for a person who likes to spend the afternoon at the range. Stick with something you know they like, and you’ll have nothing to worry about. In fact, any of these five gifts are sure to make them smile.

1. Range Membership

Many ranges, both indoors and out, have membership plans that allow you unlimited visits. Look at favorite places for membership options and set up a plan that is within your budget for an awesome gift idea. You might want to check with range pro staff about lessons if you are shopping for a relatively new shooter.

2. Firearm Upgrades

Many people opt to upgrade factory firearms for a more customized and comfortable experience. Find out what customizations they are looking for, or, if they’ve been eyeballing a Glock trigger kit your work could be nearly done.

3. Ammunition

You might as well face facts: consistently putting lead down the barrel of a gun requires ammunition. And that ammo is not cheap. Gift a box or two of their favorite caliber will surely bring a smile to a shooter’s face no matter the occasion.

4. Targets

Targets make excellent gift ideas. And, they go far beyond basic pieces of paper. Look for spinner targets made from metal, self-healing ones that bounce as you shoot them, chipboard animal cutouts, and even targets loaded with compounds designed to explode when impacted. No matter what you decide, check with ranges about target restrictions.

5. Safety Equipment

Last, but most definitely not least, safety equipment can show someone how much you care. Encourage them to practice safety first at the range by buying specialty glasses or custom hearing protection for personal use. Gun safes and lockable cases for transporting are great gift ideas, too.

No matter what your budget or comfort level with firearms is, you can find a meaningful gift for your range-loving friends. If you aren’t sure, ask their friends and shooting buddies for some additional tips.