Masaba Gupta reveals the smartest, most chic jewellery pieces every woman should invest in

Masaba Gupta,Tribe by Amrapali,jewellery piece

Step up your bling game with fashion designer Masaba Gupta. (Photos courtesy: Ishaan Nair)

You may have all the on-trend outfits you need, but how about your accessories collection? That’s something everyone could use a little help (and refresher) with, don’t you agree? Jewellery has serious styling power, that’s a fact. However, it can feel overwhelming to decipher which styles to invest in without taking a hit on your wallet. So what’s a simple and easy way to take on some of 2019’s biggest jewelley trends? We turned to fashion designer Masaba Gupta, whose new jewellery collection with luxury brand, Tribe by Amrapali, titled Ghana Ghana, is hitting nearly every major jewellery trend on the head.

Masaba Gupta’s jewellery is all about bold styles that will encourage you to personalise your looks and push the envelope a bit. So, in order to find the absolute best necklaces, earrings, and rings to pair with various silhouettes — saree to plain black tee — we tapped the House of Masaba designer for her expert know-how. Luckily, most of Masaba’s jewellery clocks in under Rs 13,000. Whether you wear a quirky pair of studs or prefer to stack on the bangles, these little (and not-so-little) touches can completely change the look and feel of your entire outfit. Are you curious yet? Read on as Masaba Gupta divulges her fashion expertise on what’s of-the-moment and what jewellery pieces will never go out of style in an exclusive interview.

What are the jewellery pieces that every woman should invest in?

Every woman should invest in pieces that can transform from day to night very easily, pieces that drop statements yet not very high value so that you can travel with them. You should also invest and indulge in a little bit of colour that goes well with almost everything, some emeralds or Basra pearls that enhance your look. Invest in something you will wear again. You wear your jewellery, don’t let it wear you.

What is that one classic, refined jewellery or accessory women can use to add elegance to just about any outfit?

While I believe that is very subjective, I think adding gold hoops, gold studs or oversized pieces can make you look really nice. Even layering, be it necklaces or cuffs are bound to drop statements & stand out.

What are the biggest jewellery trends for 2019, according to you?

I think layering is the jewellery trend of the year. Layering is the best way to express yourself through jewellery; each piece makes a statement, each piece has its story and if curated and layered well, it can enhance your look and make sure you stand out.

What is your most precious/ sentimental piece of jewellery?

A piece that is extremely close to my heart is a gold ring with bouts of mint and baby pink that my grandfather gave to my mother and she passed it down to me. What’s sweet is that it has my grandparent’s name on the flipside.

Tell us about your new collection with Amrapali. How many pieces have you designed? Since when have you been working on this collection?

Inspired by the Akan Tribe of West Africa, Ghana Ghana is a confluence of two different cultures, elements and art intertwined with anomaly and quirk in handcrafted technique. The collection comprises of unique and statement pieces that possess a sense of individuality, power and edge. There are about 80-85 pieces in the collection.

What is new about the jewellery you’ve created? Did you design them keeping an age group or personality type in mind?

Ghana Ghana interlaces modern and tribal influences into a variety of contemporary, light, affordable yet statement worthy pieces. Handcrafted in gold and silver-plated metal, these pieces work seamlessly well from a plain black tee-shirt to a saree. I believe that the collection includes conversational jewellery, like charms, chains, cuffs amongst others that could be worn by anyone.

Which is your favourite piece from this collection and why?

While the entire collection narrates a unique tale of cities, cultures & influences, I have two favorite pieces. There’s a Layered Tribal Myth Necklace with Akan accents and Coastal Croc Earring with an embossed crocodile on it. These pieces are very versatile yet bold & this collection is an anytime- anywhere line.

Have you designed the pieces for special occasions or everyday wear? Are there any unisex pieces in this collection?

The entire collection comprises of a variety of pieces that can seamlessly transition from day to night and will bound to get one noticed. Well, I believe if you are experimental with your looks & choices these pieces can work well for men too. These are charm necklaces, studs & even the hasli that can attract and work well for men.

Where can one buy the jewellery? What would be the price range?

The collection is available on the Tribe by Amrapali website as well as tribe stores, and it will soon drop at all our House of Masaba Stores and the website too! The price range is very affordable, we have pieces that start from Rs 400 and go up to Rs 13,000.

What is your take on statement hoops?

Although statement hoops always work, they’ve lost their sense of individuality as everybody is wearing them.

What is your take on shoulder dusters?

You can only pull this off if you have a long neck.

What is your take on colourful flower earrings?

The perfect choice to pair your vacation outfits with.

What is your take on mismatched earrings?

I don’t quite enjoy this trend.