Here are things women should keep in mind while buying insurance

Here are things women should keep in mind while buying insurance

As you grow old, the importance of an insurance plan increases. The right insurance plan provides you and your loved ones with the much-needed financial security. But, there are certain things that have to be kept in mind while selecting the right insurance plan. Normally, we notice the Premium, the Policy Limit and the Insurance Coverage. But, ignore some points. While selecting a plan for women, more attention should be paid as their needs could be different than that of men.

Col Sanjeev Govila (retd), CEO, Hum Fauji Initiatives told Zee Business Online, “Women are more susceptible than men to ailments like anaemia, arthritis, thyroid, cysts, hormone-related disorders and urinary infections. They also have the chances to get life-threatening medical conditions like breast, ovarian, cervical, uterine, vaginal and Fallopian tube cancer have no relevance to men..”

“Regular lifetime events like pregnancy and childbirth could get seriously complicated and become life-altering events. Pregnancy complications, the birth of a child with congenital disabilities, diagnosis of malignant cancer of female organs, congenital disabilities that affect new-borns etc could happen,” he added.

To avoid such issues, we should specifically have the following additional aspects:-

1. A critical illness plan to cover various cancers specific to women.

2. Low period of pre-existing disease exclusions.

3. Pregnancy and child-birth related inclusions.

4. Regular medical check-ups which cover women-only aspects well.